Permaculture Principles

Permaculture principles provide us with a wonderful set of guidelines that can be used in designing sustainable systems.

These principles form the back bone of permaculture designing, in any climate, and at any scale  and are based on the resilience of natural systems. They have been derived from the thoughtful observation of nature and from earlier work by ecologists, landscape designers and environmental science. There are several sets of principles but we tend to use those developed by David Holmgren - one of the founders of permaculture. 


 Permaculture ethics Permaculture ethics


Permaculture resources Permaculture ethics 

"Since attending the West Norfolk Permaculture Design Course with Ben & Lee in 2011, I have always been impressed by their experience, energy and commitment to Permaculture."
Paul Lucas (Architect and Permaculture Diploma Apprentice)

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