We primarily use the two smallholdings where we live as venues for teaching. Both are permaculture LAND demonstration sites and have a variety of example of permaculture in action. However, we also like to visit other people in the local area who have some amazing examples of permaculture gardens, buildings, communities and much more. 

Walnut Farm

Soil and Soul

Walnut Farm is a 16 acre certified organic farm smallholding set deep in the heart of Norfolk. It is a verdant thriving home of diversity and abundance that prides itself on the stewardship of the land.

Our mission is to enhance the richness and connection we all have to this/our planet and its self sustaining resilience.

Over the last few year and the farm has naturally  grown into a hub for learning and wellbeing. Our aim is to resell and empower people with the tools and key methods for a more sustainable life path Creating more resilient and fulfilling lifestyles.

We’re a LAND demonstration site and demonstrating good practice within permaculture is our joy and constant source of awe and learning.

Having discovered so many inspiring possibilities through permaculture it is now time for action and Walnut Farm is the place where  we do this. we can dialogue it no better than Aristotle so poignantly said — 'For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.'

The Grange

The Grange is a 10 acre smallholding centred on a large former rectory in the village of Great Cressingham in West Norfolk. Ben and Sophie live at The Grange with their daughter Orianna and have opened their home as a healing community for people who have survived trauma. We are also part of the growing community of people and projects in Norfolk seeking to build resilience in changing and challenging times. The Grange became a LAND permaculture demonstration site in early 2015.

There are regularly groups of up to 15 people staying at The Grange at any one time who get involved with the daily activities of the smallholding including gardening, working with the animals and maintenance on the buildings. We host a range of courses, workshops and retreats all focused on building individual and community resilience.

At The Grange we try to grow healthy, organic food for guests in our vegetable garden. We also have ponies, sheep, chickens, bees and guinea pigs which offer many yields including being very therapeutic for our guests. 

The Grange is often referred to by visitors as a welcoming, extended family and that is how we see it - an amazing and ever-changing family, every member of which brings so much to the place.  

"Ben & Lee are a great team, between them they have years of experience in a very wide range of permaculture and related areas. A course with both of them at the helm promises to be both fun and deeply informative."
Hannah Thorogood (experienced permaculture teacher)